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spend like there’s no tomorrow…


Christmas appears to be accelerating towards us and then of course, it is just a skip and a jump (or stumble) into the new year.

The journos and commentators will be drawing up their lists about this year.  The best the worst, dressers, silliest things that happened, sporting highlights etc.  Perhaps there should be another class – the scariest things that happened or almost happened.  There will be a lot of discussion about the global financial crisis or GFC – yes it’s already got its own acronym*  and how close we came to a financial meltdown.  We may of course still be coming to it.  Whatever happens, most agree, it’s only going to get worse (probably a lot worse)  before it might get better (if it ever does).

But that is somewhere over the horizon – for now it’s Christmas and we have to spend.  That is our best hope apparently – spend our way out of it.  That’s what the government thinks and its giving away money to spend but only to those who they know have to spend it.

*technically to be an acronym the word has to a pronounceable word like NASA or NATO other wise it is an “initialism” (now that’s an ugly word).

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