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An open letter to Australian Fabian Society as to why I won’t be renewing my membership


I am sorry to say that I will not be renewing my membership to the Australian Fabian Society while Evan Thornley remains the secretary of the society or until he properly explains his recent actions in turning down a cabinet post and abruptly resigning from the Victorian Legislative Council n the middle of his term.

I believe that these actions have done much damage to what I call the “thinking left”. It plays right into the hands of the other side of the ALP, the self-serving, cynical and reactive (“you don’t live in the real world mate” )party hacks who are primarily interested in consolidating their power bases -Mr Thornley’s actions only confirm all the stereotypes that the party hacks have about the thinking left – “can’t hack it”, “wishy washy” “soft (in the head)” and is only going to make it much harder for anyone else from the thinking left to get into any position of real influence and power within government

Severe physical injury or sickness, or a mental breakdown would be the only reasons for resigning mid-term – not flitting after some business opportunity that came up (which appears to many as a result of contacts made while in office). While the business itself may be very worthwhile – an individual (such as Mr Thornley) has much more chance to seeing the ideas get proper consideration by working from a position of power within the government rather than as a company rep from the outside – especially now that he has blotted his copybook with the Government and I believe with the people of Victoria who voted him in. The fact that he choses to work from the other side would only suggest to many that he is more interested in personal gain.

I am personally inclined to believe that he has been got at, somehow, by some heavies in the party – maybe that’s just my natural inclination towards conspiracy theories but it’s the only way that I can explain his recent actions and if that is the case he has to say something. make it public -expose it – otherwise the same sort of pressure is going to be out on other people who try to follow. If he doesn’t do that or explain himself better than he has then I don’t think we can take him seriously and his current official position within the Australian Fabian Society will further compromise the society and the important causes that it represents.

Sincerely, Prattle and Flash

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