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Conroy is a blathering dill


There was a time that I thought the internet censorship thing was dead in the water and that was after watching Senator Conroy’s woeful performance on Q&A in March.     Watch it now and despair.    He really doesn’t have any idea.  His biggest defence is that he isn’t doing anything that the previous government wasn’t doing  – that’s a defence.  He didn’t answer any questions about transparency of the blacklist in fact everything he said reinforced the perception that he didn’t have any idea about how they could manage this and what’s worse he didn’t think it mattered.  He just blustered and blundered his way through the whole show.  He was so bad I thought the proposition would be howled down and I couldn’t see how he could stay on as Minister for Communications (and I thought Helen Coonan was bad).  Maybe I didn’t think he would be sacked the next day but surely quietly sidelined and demoted at the next reshuffle.    The man is not only dumb but belligerently dumb and somehow manages to be condescending at the same time.  The next day it didn’t get a mention.  After that he “got tough” with Telstra, which I was impressed but that is starting to look like a big con now too.  Our side of politics is better than this.  Get rid of the buffoon.

For the first time in my life I am seriously thinking of voting green.  Perhaps not for the house of reps , the member for Melbourne is very valuable but in the senate for sure.

Picture of Steven Conroy on the abc Q and A live

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