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Go Gillie


In our house, we are of course thrilled that a woman has ascended to the position of Prime Minister and a particular woman  who has a great degree of intelligence, wit and integrity; someone who, I am sure, is capable of destroying the Mad Monk if only she is allowed to play her own game; and isn’t suckered into trying to placate all the loonies in the electorate.  It was sad to see Ruddie bundled out so unceremoniously. In the end I was no great fan, mainly due to the back down on the ETS (that looked hollow and cynical) but I was inclined to think that he could muddle through and the people of Australia would come to their senses.  But maybe that wasn’t going to happen and who would want to risk it.  Clearly the government’s messages weren’t  getting any traction and issues that shouldn’t have been issues in the first place weren’t going away.   The jaundiced misanthropic bleating and blaming by Abbott and cronies, was eating into our national psyche.  Ruddie was looking ineffectual, unconvincing and strangely supercilious.  This is partly to do with the strange grinning persona that he developed that suggested he thought he was one step away from beatification and that everything he said (no matter how inane) was of profound significance.   But also a lot to do with the fudging of the ETS (more about this in future post)  and a general sense of confused paralysis.

Gillie and the gang have to show that they have clear and principled policy and are not just doctoring and maneuvering for the self-interest of the party .

It looks like she will be visiting the GG on the weekend (probably tomorrow morning) and then it is game on.  Lets hope she can find her feet and her true voice.

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