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Win, loose or draw


As a long suffering StKilda supporter I fell that I have a lot riding on today’s rematch.  It might might go someway to redress some of the years of derision we have been subjected to, stretching back over a hundred years (with only one premiership to show for all that time) .  We were so close to pulling it off last week, we had more control of the game and the opposition was wilting.  That’s not to say that they weren’t dangerous and that a sequence of (un)lucky plays couldn’t suddenly deliver them victory at the last minute – but we had it in our goals square quite a bit and I would argue were in the ascendancy.  The siren went and we found ourselves surrounded by 100,016 (official figure) gobsmacked fans.  The silence was eerie.  The immediate reaction was just play on and finish it – but we knew it is firmly entrenched in the rules.  When I saw the president of the AFL approaching the Collingwood captain I thought that he was going to offer the option to both captains.  Leaving it to the players (rather the club officials) would have been the right thing to do in the circumstances – it is after their game – we’re all just along to gawk.  Of course we invest a lot of emotional and financial capital in the game.  Everyone would have welcomed the two extra five minute ‘quarters’ to sort it and I like to think it would have benefited the Saints.  Since then I have come to appreciate the pure perversity of rerunning an entire match to settle the first one (where else in the world would such a thing happen at this elite level) but it has played havoc with the everyday affairs of this city and around the country.  Big events like weddings and house auctions have been postponed and travel plans rescheduled.  It is perhaps least fair on the players themselves many of whom came into the game nursing injuries and pushed themselves well over the physical parameters in the expectation that this would be the last and ultimate game for the season and by playing with the same intensity they risk compounding these injuries.  There is another alternative though and that is to declare the season a draw.  Have dual premiers (although this might be an oxymoron in the strictest sense of premier but no less illogical than having a second grand final).  After seeing what both teams put into the game last week I have to admit (begrudgingly) that both teams deserved to win – and I think most supporters on both sides would admit as much.  We have dual Brownlowists now and no one thinks any less of them. If we are going to play a draw then it should stay a draw

The winner of today’s match is as likely to be the least injured from last week.  The real test will be the mental tenacity to get over what injuries they have and stay positive. I like to think that the Saint’s players have the edge there but they might be more to get over injury wise.

Players from last weekends drawn grandfinal lie exhausted on the ground

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