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Civilisation up for grabs… again


Today the USA is sitting down to a collective intelligence test… or is it a stupidity test.  It’s something that they go through every four years.  This time the essential question is how delusional the country is… whether they have the capacity to understand and accept their current predicament as it really is and work their way out of it slowly and systematically by helping and supporting each other, or whether they will fall for the glib and glitzy promises from the right wing that tax breaks for the rich and unregulated markets will miraculously save them.  It looked for a while like the energy and razzamatazz of the right – along with their breathtaking self confidence – was going to push the country over into dangerously delusional madness, but the freaky superstorm last week maybe stole some of their puff and hopefully demonstrated  the real value of the collective community.   We will know in a few hours.  Next year, of course, Australia has its own collective intelligence/stupidity test.

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  1. R P Stott permalink
    07/11/2012 1:24 pm

    Funny to see Antony Green “calling the card” in US election. It’s such a different system (if you can call it a system) and not as transparent. He doesn’t have much to work apart from his touch screen map and cannot draw on his encyclopedic knowledge of individual Australian electorates and candidates.

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