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Happy new year… yippee!!!


The only one still awake at midnight.  Having a couple of reflective ales and listening to the stereo when the explosions started.  Slightly  muffled by the distance (only 3 or 4 km away) but distinct and you can almost feel the shock wave.   A seemingly random cacophony of concussive  bangs, softer powdery pops and the rapid fire cackle of small arms.  From my living room it sounds more like  a war zone but gradually I sense some design and purpose.  I can imagine the unseen citizens gathered around the banks of the Yarra looking up in awe at the spectacle at the carefully engineered and contrived layers of coloured flak reaching into the sky and for a moment hanging suspended.  It all comes to a crescendo and then the last big bang and them what…? The good citizens snap out of their bewildered daze and shuffle away on to crowded trains back to the suburbs.  It’s a strange ritual that goes on around the world as midnight hits each timezone.  A moment of communal transcendence.  I wish I had some confidence about this year coming up.

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