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“Madman” Conroy… at it again


The Finkelstein report was released over a year ago and suddenly out of the blue, some legislation that was supposed to deal with it.   But there’s no time for discussion – it’s take it or leave it – and  it soon becomes apparent that it is half arsed and sadly ineffectual.  It seems designed  to appease the media goons rather than control them, What’s worse the petulant take-it-or-leave-it time frame was insulting and alienated the independents who were hoping for something more substantial. We could have had serious reform that meant something.  The Greens and the independents were seriously up for it.

It’s like the legislation was some dirty secret that they want to get out of the way without  upsetting any one (i.e. Rupert) but of  course they did,  for having the temerity to suggest any controls at all.  The resulting front page of Sydney Telegraph comparing a pic of a buffoonish Conroy  to various tyrannical and despotic icons of the twentieth century will itself become an icon used in countless media studies Powerpoints to  represents the power of the press to humiliate and intimidate pollies. When are you going to realise Steven, that the media isn’t your friend…?  especially the Murdoch press. I hope to write more about the sociopathic symptoms of the Murdoch press soon.

When the UK government is poised to pass, despite last minute jitters from the Torry PM, historically powerful controls on the press this government had an opportunity but they fluffed it – deliberately and shamefully.

What  makes me  sick is Conroy’s loony antics at the press conference where  the legislation was announced . It was like he’s treating it as one big joke.

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