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The final hours


Waiting… the world holds it’s breath until the reptilian take over the Whitehouse. Nothing is for sure.

There is a lot of wishful thinking in the air. A lot of nervousness. A lot of fear.

Things are going to get ugly, perhaps not immediately but by degrees….

The worst thing is that we are dealing with someone at the further edges of the sociopathic spectrum.  Someone who can reset all the ground rules.   You cannot argue with a drunk or a lunatic because there is no solid ground and no rules of engagement.  He can turn selectively choose what and who to pick on.  The trick from a strategic perspective is not to state the obvious.  Not create an easy and obvious point of division – let them create it themselves.   

He will start off trying to appear a bit contrite and humble (at least by his standards) but the expectations he has set and the team of feral ratbags that he has surrounded himself will make this difficult.  Violence is inevitable.  The important thing is perceptual – who is seen as the instigator.  It’s important not to overreact. Put those stupid “Anonymous” masks away.

Only three hours left. It’s 1:00 am in east coast Australia.  I’m going to bed.


What trumpery is this…?



photo of dictionary definition of

How perfect

On no, we’re a nation of morons after all


The Coalition has just crept passed the ALP in two party preferred by 71 votes

nation of morons


And it will get worse as conservative postal votes are counted

Faith tested


My faith in the collective intelligence of Australians is being challenged.  The two party preferred at the end of counting today.

aggh_2party preferred

There’s only 461 votes in it.  Out of a total of over 10 million.  Still we’re in front… for tonight at least

Faith and good sense restored


The counting isn’t over but looking at the AEC website this morning I was struck by this one  very set of numbers that represents the state of play.


The two party preferred vote that won’t necessarily translate into political power but it reflects well on the collective intelligence of the Australian people.

More Australian’s can see through flim-flam and empty slogans than can’t.  There’s less than 50 thousand in it – less than the number it would take to fill most Australian sporting stadiums and less than half an MCG.   It’s even more gratifying when we consider the campaign from the Murdoch media particularly the Daily Tele who would like to think they have some sway in Sydney’s west where the government lost most its seats.


What a night


I watched the coverage right through to early hours.  Such a long night – over seven and a half hours but just mesmerising and at times delirious.  A small cast  Annabel Crabb,  Leigh Sales,  and the wizened and wide eyed Antony Green and the two guest pollies, Penny Wong and Scott Morrison.  It started of breezily enough but early on there was an upset with the three Tasmanian seats going to Labor – no one picked.   The numbers just kept getting tighter.  The seats allocated to respective parties jumped up and down as the computer tabulated the latest figures but it was getting excruciatingly close.  At some point the counting must have stopped and Antony told us that he wasn’t going to be able to call it tonight, but I had to keep watching for some sort of closure.  There’s always this wait for the speeches at the end of polling night and it’s normal for the loser to make a concession speech and then for the winner to claim their victory but what were we waiting for this night?  Maybe just someone to tell us to go to bed.  That’s when it became a bit tricky in the studio; there was nothing much left to talk about.  Scott Morrison had become a bit snarly and defensive.  Repeating the “mediscare” mantra and unfair tactics.  Lee a bit giggly and  Antony Green was concerned that he was going to miss some of the Tour de France.  I can see why such a sporting event with so many contestants, complex and obtuse strategies and times would appeal to him as recreational viewing.     Finally the speeches.  Bill’s was gracious and positive.  Malcolm, when he finally turned up, was ungracious and bitter – like a kid who’s had his toys taken away.   Then an exhausted Chris Uhlmann, signed off from the ABCs coverage of “…the first 2016 election”. The word first was there for a reason.

It was a great coverage and deservedly won the ratings.  I can’t wait for the ABC to release the box set DVD… and there appears every probability that there will be a second season released in time for Christmasannabel

They’ve found it… the ickiest colour ever


It took a crack team of Australian researchers to find the most nauseating and off-putting colour in the known universe (link).  They were commissioned to do this in the name of healthy living.  Pantone  is now the mandated colour on cigarette packets to discourage smokers.  It has a name “Opaque Couché”  I would actually call it “dark beige” or “light poo”.     Of course it has a Pantone reference 448 C.


Pantone 448C

It looks suspiciously like the brown stripe on the Hawthorn FC AFL jumper.


Hawthorn FC playing top.  




The other similarity is to the Brownie uniform˜